I don’t know any family who hasn’t faced challenges over the last year… but let’s be positive and celebrate Mothers in the holistic sense of the word… whether it’s our own, or the fact that a friend or colleague is a new mother (we have a new arrival at Wakeley 😊) …or maybe a sister, cousin or friend is a great mother… there is plenty to celebrate… It’s officially Spring (at least in meteorological terms), and I always think there is something incredibly optimistic about this time of year… so let’s salute those wonderful mothers out there (and here’s a little gifting inspiration…) …even if it’s a little Gift to Self 😉…or perhaps a gentle nudge by “accidentally” forwarding this email to someone who may find it useful…

Sending love (beautifully packaged and in time for Mother’s Day…)


In the absence of a real hug – what better than a Hug of Cashmere?

Spring is in the air…

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