The Oversized Cashmere Rollneck
Inspired by a 70s man’s ski sweater (which would have been worn skin tight, probably in a scratchy wool ☹ ) …but we re-invented the concept… played with the scale, and at just above the knee it is super flattering… it’s the perfect transitional piece worn with bare legs and a sneaker and then later with tights and a boot… I love it worn over a stretch suede or leather legging and a chunky boot…

The Kloss Rollneck
I was discussing this Signature piece with my dear friend and brilliant beauty entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore, and we decided that it really is the Jumper of Life… in luxurious 5 gauge cashmere, a soft rollneck (perfect for a nifty hair tuck… better than a blow dry right now), flatteringly cut to dip longer at the back, generous through the body but slim in the sleeve… if I had to choose my desert island cashmere (metaphor for my “always want in my life piece”) it would be a Kloss and for those of you who are fans already we have added our seasonal Lipstick Red to brighten your day…

The Cashmere & Satin Kimono
Those of you that know me know that I love to mix cashmere and silk… it truly is the most delicious combo… So, feeling the need for the ultimate cashmere cardi I decided that a cashmere and satin Kimono (another favourite source of inspo) would tick all the boxes… if we all have to stay at home anyway let’s feel gorgeous while we are …

Remember, if like me, you like to wear chunky cashmere at every opportunity (even on a relatively mild day),  the lightest layer underneath will act as a thermal (useful in the winter) but for now, try wearing your chunky cashmeres without the extra layer… it’s soft enough after all… Life is so much more casual now and the perfect cashmere can take you through the day into the evening… I always think of cashmere as FOREVER pieces …indeed I still have, and wear, some early Wakeley cashmere …what’s not to love about something I have been using for nearly 30 years… I always say… design longevity and quality of materials is my approach to sustainability… friends in my wardrobe that I am always pleased to see ? 

Wishing you a cashmerey cozy weekend 

Sending love


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