It’s hard to believe that this time last year we were finalising the designs for our new Autumn\Winter 20 collection… what a different world we were inhabiting to the one we thought we would be! What does this new world mean to us in terms of our sartorial choices? Fortunately, the timing of the arrival of the pandemic left us just enough time to make sure that our offer was (hopefully ?) exactly what is desirable to you right now… with a post summer glow I can’t wait to hop into this capsule of camel pieces… What I love about Camel as a colour is that it looks as chic with white (a T-shirt, for transitioning from summer)  as it does with black (a perfect black cashmere roll neck to anchor it into winter)… we have worked hard to make sure that it is just the right tone of camel (secret… we colour test our swatches against as many skin tones in the studio as we possibly can… colour is a science as well as an art to me…)

These camel separates are how I will be transitioning into Autumn…

The Sculpted Tailoring & Check Crombie 
If I was limiting myself to one item I think this would be THE ONE… the combination of our signature sculpted tailoring (super comfortable with an element of stretch… and nearly impossible to crease ?) and the modernity of the contrast check tailoring cut on the bias in the sleeves gives this piece a really modern edge… throw this piece on over nearly anything and it will reward you with a touch of cool and fabulous longevity…

The Sculpted Tailoring Flares Have you tried our sculpted tailoring flares? If not, I really urge you to… talk about the science in fashion… these pants have been cut with such precision but trust me they are transformative! This fabric moulds and smoothes you in a way I am slightly addicted to… (especially after a particularly, should I say, well-fed summer)… Turning some of the construction inside-out, we have bound the seams and bought them to the outside leg creating a leg-lengthening stripe… infact these flares are so leg-lengthening they look great with a  sneaker and I love wearing them extra long so that they break over the foot (FYI – we do cut our pants long as there is nothing worse than a pant that is too short… but this fabric is SO easy to alter and we have carefully cut the leg so that you don’t loose the proportion should you need to lob off an inch or two ?)

The Sculpted Tailoring Tie Lapel JacketThis jacket has all the elements I love… it has references to traditional tailoring but interpreted with a modern femininity… external bound seams running down the spine… the revere flows into a fringed scarf reminiscent of a man’s dinner scarf… an A\W embroidered onto the luxurious satin lining (only you will know it’s there but I love a little “treat to self”) and  its cut to sculpt your shape (just as a good tailor would do for a man)… it’s a soft form of power dressing…

The Colour Block Cashmere Sweater
And finally, a chunky cozy sports luxe cashmere crewneck…as gorgeous with the camel flares as it is with your jeans…and thinking ahead to the snowy mountains this will be a great addition for SKI LUXE.

I can’t believe that it’s already the Bank Holiday Weekend signifying the (beginning) of the end of summer… back to school/uni for some… the days drawing in and the beginning of a chill in the air… but I feel optimistic that we are opening up to a new chapter… Wishing you a happy and healthy long weekendwherever you may be… 

Sending love


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