A fresh manicure has always sparked joy for me…I am a girl who would honestly rather go out without makeup than without immaculately polished nails…its just my thing…so Lockdown meant it was either a case of get over myself and go bare nail OR learn how to do my own nails… Now, I could always paint pictures relatively well (at school at least)…albeit that was quite a while ago … but I think I have nailed (couldn’t resist that one) the Slightly Cheaty Home Mani…admittedly a professional manicurist would do things differently…but for now, this works, I promise, as I have been doing this once every 6 days for the last 5 weeks (yup my manicure doesn’t last the extra day a professional one does …but not bad nevertheless) The right kit is really helpful and everything in the picture is easily available on Amazon 

Now follow my slightly unorthodox step by step guide

1. Shape your nails BEFORE you take your polish off…this way you will see that you have the shape correct and even…trust me its much harder with bare nails

2. Soak your hands in soapy warm water gently pushing your cuticles back…just for a minute

3. Dry off and apply a generous layer of cuticle remover gel

4. Gently push back your cuticles with a double ended metal cuticle pusher as well as cleaning up around the whole nail 

5. Rinse off, dry your hands while pushing the cuticles back again and then clip any remaining bits of dead skin with a cuticle clipper (if you have done Step 4 right there should be very little left)

6. Remove your polish…I have discovered this genius Nails Inc Nail Polish Remover Pot…totally brilliant…you just put one finger in at a time…move it around and bam your polish is off…no faffing around with nail polish remover, cotton wool and if, like me, you like a dark nail, A LOT of mess and smudged colour on the skin around the nail… I am totally converted …I only wish they did one for toes…

7. Wash your hands and towel dry again while giving your cuticles one final push back

8. Gently buff the nail with a soft buffing block… just a little as this can weaken the nail if done too regularly and too much

9. Clean your nails with a final sweep of nail polish remover on a cotton pad to remove any last traces of polish or dust…but make sure there are no pesky bits of fibre from the cotton wool pad left on the nail

10. Using the Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish (this is NOT Gel but has a wonderful gel effect as well as being hard wearing) gently apply your two coats of polish…at the moment I am loving the colour Model Clicks…it’s a deep dark berry colour . This is the best polish I have found for home manicures as it has a wide brush making it so much easier to apply…be careful not to flood your cuticles as, especially with dark colours its really hard to clean up…however, should your hand be not quite as steady as you would like (better not to paint after an Expresso or a late night…but who is doing either at the moment…and anyway, you don’t need one without the other surely?) … help is at hand in the form of an OPI corrector pen (its like a highlighter pen with nail polish remover… genius invention) …take your time and gently remove the messy bits around the nail

11. Apply Seche Vite Professional Dry Fast Top Coat… 

12. Give yourself 15 minutes grace to let everything dry…and 45 minutes before trying to pull a pair of boots on…

13. Apply a couple of drops per nail of OPI Drip Dry Laquer Drying Drops …drop on the nail including the cuticle

Ahem…if you have managed to smudge a nail you can generally dab it with a little more colour and apply another layer of Seche Vite …then …W.A.I.T….for your nails to dry…why not try some mindful breathing even…?

Final top tip is, if you find your nails “wearing” at the tips just touch them up with your colour and apply a full coat of Seche Vite and you will honestly feel like you have a fresh manicure all over again…oops and apply a really good hand cream every night and leave a generous amount in your cuticles and you will find you have far less cuticle to deal with …

There …my Slightly Cheaty (but very effective) Home Mani …mine has been drying while I have been (very carefully) typing this…

PS I am not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned … I am sharing them as they work for me…

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