If I am wearing a great jacket I feel DRESSED… I feel in control… and I hate to use the word but I feel… Empowered… There is something about putting on a beautifully tailored jacket that just gives you that lift… whether its an oversized Boyfriend worn with the insouciance that you could have pinched it from him… but you haven’t,  because we cut ours in sumptuous Crepe Back Satin or the softest Italian wools and trim the revers in silk faille… or that neat blazer… immaculately tailored which instantly improves your posture, slims your waist… makes your proportions just, well, the best version they can be… what’s not to love about that?? My go-to for most evenings out in London (yes, when we did that… but we will be doing it again) is now  always a tux suit… depending on my mood it will either be a trim sculpted blazer with chain detail worn with a leg-lengthening flare, and a white Tshirt (I particularly love the ones by James Perse) I may even brave the head to toe one colour look in rose… here’s hoping I get the chance… If I want to be a little more glam, I will wear the tux jacket with the statement cuff, the skinny cigarette zip front pant and a lace trimmed cami… or for a softer take on the tux suit I love wearing head to toe satin… particularly in the champagne channelling my inner Bianca Jagger with a  soft tie neck shirt… artfully unbuttoned (a little… with a  pretty bra) and worn with the ties left flowing like a man’s dinner scarf… Remember in terms of versatility, a good tux jacket makes the perfect shoulder robe over an evening dress… far chicer than any wrap  and with the added advantage of gently covering the tops of our arms until we are in the “safety” of more flattering dinner lighting. 

As we have become more casual in our day to day lives the power of the jacket has not diminished, in fact, you could argue it’s become even more important… whether you are wearing a printed maxi dress and sneakers or a pair of jeans the perfect jacket completes the look and tells the world (and more importantly you) that despite being dressed-down you are still in control just in a more relaxed way… as a designer this is where I turn to working with a an incredible French fabric mill on our exclusive jacquard weaves… this season these almost feel like vintage tapestries… either cut as a shrunken collarless jacket with gorgeous trim details… think about how you would have thrown on a denim jacket previously… this jacket retains a boho vibe in a more sophisticated way… however, I have also used this beautiful cloth in an easy, throw-on-over-anything ankle skimming coat… I think of this coat as a jacket… the midnight version will be my work-horse this summer with its breezy long side slits and signature ties… I will pair it with literally everything…and for years to come… £’s per wear… no issue… my Grandmother would be proud… she always said the most important investment in your wardrobe should be the perfect jacket…

Over the last 2 weeks I received several requests from brilliant women to be part of an online Women Leaders Exchange… basically a Poem Exchange .. I received this lovely one that I want to share with you.”In compassion and grace, be like the sun…In concealing other’s faults, be like the night…In generosity and helping others, be like a river…In anger and fury, be like dead…In modesty and humility, be like the earth…In tolerance, be like the sea…Either appear as you are, or be as you appear..”As Shirley Leigh Wood Oakes said when she sent it through “The line that means the most to me right now, the one about generosity and helping others, we must continue to be like a river, ever flowing and not let this situation close us off from helping others.”… I couldn’t agree with you more Shirley… thank you for sharing.Finally I have to apologise as we had a little tech issue with the 2 links in last Saturdays newsletter (despite being tested prior to sending)… so for anyone interested in Done and Done’s wardrobe organising technique its here.And for the less virtuous ones looking for Hugh’s Chocolate Mousse recipe it’s here.The weather is finally doing what its supposed to do in April ☹… nature deserves this rain and actually, how lucky have we been so far this spring…?  l for one am dreaming of the summer ahead… whatever that may hold…in the meantime I am back in my cozy cashmeres… 

Sending love


P.S. There are still a few Wakeley Warehouse Spring Clean Bag Deals… and I just noticed one of my favourites… the bronze Bowie… on THE LOFT

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