“Gratitude contains the word ‘attitude’, which should be the default filter through which you look at your life. Gratitude also neutralizes the toxic effects of the negative energies around you. Fortunately, we all have the ability and opportunity to cultivate gratitude. Rather than complaining about your problems and circumstances, take a few moments to focus on all that you have. Try to commit to the state of appreciation and gratitude, so you don’t take the gift of life for granted. You’ll discover that the Universe will rhyme with you by sending more beauty and abundance your way”

Alla, how did you first become an energy healer?
For at least the last five generations of my family all the women on my mother’s side were born with the gift of healing. The older women helped the younger ones, including me, to understand their extrasensory abilities, and taught them how to utilize these to benefit other people. However, there was a huge obstacle at the outset of my own path as a healer – the fact that I was born in the USSR during the rule of the Communist Party. Communist ideology is based on materialism and is strictly opposed to any form of spirituality and metaphysics. Therefore, people like my mother, who wanted to share her healing gift to help others and master herself, had to be incredibly discreet when it came to practicing it. She was a chemotherapist, treating cancer patients at a clinic, but she found a way to conduct healing sessions in our Moscow apartment once her working day was over. 
The fact that my mother’s healing sessions took place in our home also worked to my benefit. From a very young age, I had the opportunity to watch the way she treated her patients and how she interacted with them, and I learned a great deal from this.
My training as an energy healer and my acquisition of esoteric knowledge had to be conducted in secret: undercover, if you like. My official study of the workings of the human body, however, continued at medical school in Moscow. Believing that I’d never be able to use my healing abilities openly, I reasoned that pursuing mainstream medicine would at least allow me to stay within the healthcare profession.
Today, I’m deeply appreciative of my study of orthodox medicine, as it enables me to form a holistic view of my patients’ needs. 
I’d always been drawn to the eclectic approach to holistic medicine and was very lucky to become the first Soviet student who was awarded a scholarship to go to  South Asia to study acupuncture and other natural therapies.
In your healing practice, you found that if the work is just being done on the physical level that people aren’t necessarily getting well. You feel that we need to become more aware of the energy body in order to get well – could you explain a little more about this?
Despite a massive shift in our attitudes towards personal health and wellness in recent decades, many of us are still trapped in an endless cycle of imbalance‑rebalance‑sabotage, wondering why we never get better or feel happier, even though we seem to be doing everything we can to get well. Many of us have problems that tend to repeat themselves, so perhaps there’s something amiss with our perspective on wellness, and on the Self? 
Through my healing practice, I’ve discovered that if we work only with the physical body, when the root of the problem lies in our energy, the ‘cure’ can only be temporary and the problem will return, over and over again.
The idea that you’re an energy being might be a tough one to accept, but it’s truly essential that you do. 
Einstein described the matter as a form of energy. Everything in this world, including us, is vibrating with energy.  Yet, here in the West, so many people are still choosing to ignore energy, even though it serves as a vital template for our health, our environment, and our life path. Imagine for a moment that your body is a taxi. If you want it to take you somewhere, or to do or achieve something, you have to tell the driver where to go. Now, imagine that the driver is your energy. If you talk to the car, you won’t get anywhere – you need to address the driver directly. One of the reasons we keep failing to attain health or fulfillment in life (or both) is because the vast majority of us aren’t talking to the right part of ourselves. We simply haven’t worked out who’s the boss!
You speak about a person’s aura – their unique energy field – could you tell us more about this? Specifically the 3 layers of the aura and the value of a clean aura?
Every one of us has an invisible energy field, or aura, that extends around our body. 
Although illustrations of the aura often make it look like a shell that surrounds us and is separate from us, that isn’t the case. In fact, we’re soaked in our aura, just as a fetus in the womb is soaked in amniotic fluid.
The aura is made up of seven layers, or currents, of energy, each of which has a unique purpose and quality. Some people compare the structure of the aura with the layers of an onion, but as a Russian, I prefer to draw a comparison with the famous Russian matryoshka doll. Our physical body is the smallest doll and around that are the other seven layers of our aura, each larger than the previous one.
However, unlike the matryoshka, each layer or energy current is interrelated, and each one affects the others. They also affect our physical health, feelings, emotions, thought patterns, behaviour, and overall health and wellbeing.
The three layers of the aura that are closest to the physical body:
– the physical (etheric) layer: it’s an exact copy of your body: each organ, each structure, has its counterpart here.  Any changes in your organs or physiology are reflected in the state of the physical layer, so it serves as an invaluable indicator of your overall physical health.
– the emotional (astral) layer: reflects our emotional history and our current emotional state.
– the mental reflects and governs our thoughts, belief patterns,  knowledge, and experiences.
So, it is paramount to handle your wellness in a holistic manner as all aspects of the wellbeing can not be isolated from one another. A clean and balanced aura brings physical, mental and emotional wellbeing: it allows for new energy to come into your life. Only then can you manifest the miracle of profound change and literally become ‘attractive’ – pulling positive vibrations into your orbit. 

How do you work on this?
So, when you are looking to improve your wellbeing, try to let go of the disjointed approach, and make sure that your wellness regime encompasses your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. For example, if you are seeing a therapist in order to improve your mental health, it is very important simultaneously to take care of your physical wellness and to master your emotions and attitudes. 
You will not be able to detox properly if you are holding on to the emotions which are energetically “paralyzing” your vital organs and making you retentive. Yes, you can have an increased bowel emptying by focusing just on drinking cleaning juices, but the release of the intracellular toxins will be very limiting.  Hence my first book ” Energy Secrets” describes a 5-week detox plan which is designed to incorporate diet, physical exercise, meditation, energy practices for a deep stimulation of our major detoxifying organs. 
In Russia, the word for ” cure” is ” iscelenie”, which has the same root as the word for “whole”. True wellness is never fragmented. It involves harmony and balancing of the entire spectrum of our energies. Real wellbeing is not an occasional state, but a lifestyle that focuses on prevention and encompasses all aspects of You. 
Please remember if you do not own your energy, it will be owned by someone else. It means that your aura will be polluted by the energy of other people’s judgment and criticism. It will make you feel like a “cork in the sea” when the expectations of others become your command and the template for your life. Your energy is as unique as your fingerprint and a precious part of your identity. We must align your life with your authenticity.
Authentic and empowered living stems from the restored sense of self. I think the first step towards it is to learn about the anatomy of your energy body, your aura.
In your book you talk about Energy Thieves – how do you identify them?
Before you contemplate ways to increase your energy and vitality, you must work out how you’re losing your energy in the first place. Otherwise, it’s like putting money into a pocket with a hole in it. It’s important for you to identify the energy ‘thieves’ in your life, whatever they/it happens to be. And don’t be surprised if that thief is actually you!
Remember, every time you commit to something that goes against your inner truth, it will rob you of energy. We often choose to see people socially or keep them as friends even though we’ve grown out of resonance with them long ago. This can be a very expensive habit for our aura. It is very important that we surround ourselves with people with whom we can connect or ‘click’. In other words, we need to find our tribe. 
In ” Own Your Energy”  I provide a comprehensive list of most common “wellness saboteurs”  For instance, many live in a state of chronic energy deficiency because of their quest for wellness is fuelled by the fear of disease or aging. Fear will never lead you towards healing as it is a very low-frequency emotion that often will attract the very same thing you are fearful of. Your motivation for wellness should be a positive one. Choose wellness rather than an escape from suffering. 
You can’t consider yourself wealthy if you don’t own your energy. Live authentically and not according to other people’s approval and expectations.

You speak about the natural way people synchronise their energy. Could you explain more about this, please?
My breakthrough realization is that we are naturally and continually attuning to each other’s energy, and moreover have a tendency to synchronize our auric waves with others’ auras. Until recently, it was believed that this tendency was reserved only for empaths or highly sensitive people. Many of you may have already noticed that you try to synchronize your steps, the tone of your voice and your body language when interacting with others. You’ll have experienced too the effects of a ‘contagious laugh’ and the feeling of being ‘brought down’ by the mere presence of a particular person. Also, scientists have already published fascinating papers proving the existence of coherency between biological objects.
We are all ‘one’ – connected by the invisible exchange network of human energy. We’re all like a mobile phone that tunes in to other networks automatically. 
In my book ” Own Your Energy” I explain this phenomenon in greater detail and most importantly reveal how to be the discerning master of your energy field. Otherwise, we’ll be turned into sponges – absorbing all sorts of vibrational ‘clutter’ around us; or our inner state will always be dictated by the energy of other people or our environment. The energy exchange in your social circles must be balanced and harmonious. It is very important for all of us to keep our minds and hearts open, however, it does not mean stop being assertive or sacrificing our authenticity. My discovery emphasizes that we do not exist in splendid isolation from one another and in my practice I see many patients who are “infected” by the vibrations of others. Recently we have witnessed ” the loo roll phenomenon” when the contagious wave of panic buying engulfed almost entire communities. However, in the majority of cases, aura synchronization is a lot more subtle than this and often goes undetected.
This invisible dimension of your social life dictates the necessity for healthy personal boundaries, protection of your authentic frequency and better self-awareness. 

You use the term Energy Pathogens – what do you mean?
What I have observed in years of my practice is that the vibrations of other people’s energy can infiltrate our aura in a similar way to the biological pathogens that penetrate our physical body. Others’ dominant energy can ‘reprogramme’ us or even crash our system, just like a virus invading the nucleus of our cells. Even if our aura isn’t compromised in this way, it may instead be contaminated with ‘toxic energy’, just as the body is exposed to bacteria.
The most well-known example is what I call  “auric fungus” these are the energy vampires. There are various types of energy vampires, but they share one common quality – our aura is their energy host and a donor.
Can you give any tips for ways of protecting ourselves from these Energy Pathogens?
One of my tips for protecting your energy during energy vampire’s verbal attack is to slow down the up-flow of your inner energy. To do this, hold your breath or significantly slow down your breathing while the insults are being thrown at you. This will act as metaphysical earplugs for your aura.
You use the term Energy Hygiene please could you explain what you mean by this term?
It’s of great importance that, alongside our usual personal hygiene rituals, we all take care of our ‘energy hygiene’. It should become one of the pillars of our self‑care, regardless of whether we’d like to enhance our wellbeing or form a better team with a doctor or practitioner. Just as your everyday personal hygiene methods are designed to keep you clean and prevent you from hosting and spreading germs,  “energy hygiene” is focusing on keeping your aura in a pure and authentic state.
We all know that our car requires a particular type of fuel, or that our electronic devices need an appropriate charger or a particular type of battery. Our aura too must be fed with the right kind of energy – the energy that matches our vibrations. For example, one aspect of my  “energy hygiene” concept is a daily maintenance of our boundaries. Personal boundaries are filters that exist to protect us from the wrong type of energy consumption; without them, our aura will be damaged – just as our devices are when we use inappropriate sources or types of energy.
I know you talk about this in your book but perhaps you could give us an example of a practice for maintaining daily energy hygiene?
For example, tell yourself daily that you do not need to be whole or completely healed in order to shine! Every morning commit to being radiant by doing the following:  Look at the mirror reflection of your eyes, put the palm of your dominant hand on your solar plexus and cover with another one, and say “I am in charge of what I radiate and today I choose to glow”. My secret tip is to say it in your mother tongue- the language of your formative years. 
Also, as a part of your energy hygiene routine, frequently remind yourself, that you attract not only what you wish for yourself but also what you wish for others!
I believe it is a good idea to take a quick shower when we come home from work as water has an innate ability to balance auric energy.  While under a shower mentally ask water to wash away ” the energy dirt” you might have picked up during the day. Afterward, change into loose clothes from a natural fiber. These types of clothes allow the energy to circulate freely. You might have noticed that almost all spiritual masters choose to dress like this.
Many of my patients notice that after adapting such practices, they are a lot less inclined to use their family as a “rubbish bin” for their bad day.
You talk about the aura’s immune system…how do you stimulate it?
Our aura has an immune system too, and it works on very similar principles to our biological one. It has the ability to spot and repel intruding harmful vibrations – the energy pathogens. Just like our body’s immune system, it has many lines of defense. 
Energetically speaking, our intuition is our first line of defense. When we enter a place with negative energy or we establish a toxic connection, our intuition sends out a warning and sounds a protective alarm.  In fact, it broadcasts all sorts of signals, to which we often don’t pay any attention because we’re only focusing on what our ego or logic is telling us. So, first of all, start honoring your intuition and take care of your ” inner voice”.
Please, remember that intuition is the first to abandon us when our body is full of junk food and artificial stimulants.
Do you have any simple Detox Tips to share?
You might want to try my spicy drink as an alternative to coffee and tea( extracted from my book ” Energy Secrets”)
4 grains of cardamom
4 peppercorns
3 cloves
fresh ginger ( to taste)
cinnamon( to taste)
Grind all the ingredients. Out in a saucepan, cover with 300 ml of water and simmer for 20 minutes. When drinking you might add a little bit of honey. 
Only, once you revived your intuition you can look into kickstarting the subsequent energy shields and filters.  
It would be wonderful if you could share any strategies for effective protection and safeguarding?
I want people to become masters of each moment, and that means owning your energy and getting out your protective shield if something is threatening the authentic flow of your energy. You must also be able to shake off or neutralize any harmful vibrations that become attached to your auric skin, so this ‘splinter’ of negative energy doesn’t travel further into your aura. I’ve noticed that people often approach the subject of energy protection with fear and submissive vulnerability. 
It’s worth remembering that the emotion of fear trips us into a knocked‑out state – like a boxer who has adopted a defeatist position even before the match begins. So I’d like to encourage you to apply energy protection techniques with no more emotion than you have when pulling on rubber gloves or taking a shower. Just view the tips as a part of your general hygiene habits – which, as you’ve learned, must be broadened to allow for energy protection and clearing.
In ” Own Your Energy” I describe various effective and tested techniques for powerful protection. You can match them to your needs, the intensity of toxic energy and types of energy vampires. 

Are you able to share one of your techniques which may be particularly useful during this time when so many people are overwhelmed by fear and anxiety?
Using the ribbon protection visualization will make it a lot harder for the external intruding energy or the energy of fear to violate your personal space.
Mentally place yourself inside a sphere that’s filled with beautiful amethyst‑hued light. The outside of this sphere is wrapped in rainbow‑coloured ribbons, just like an exquisite gift. Imagine that each ribbon has writing on it saying, “I am protected”, “I am invincible”, “I am safe”. 
Finally, you prescribe your patients with aura probiotics – Could you explain how these work?
Supplements of probiotics, living organisms found in certain foods, are becoming increasingly popular as a means of supporting and enhancing the natural microflora, or bacteria, in our digestive system. The inner flora of our vibrations also require ‘probiotics’ in order to thrive and adapt to changes. You won’t find these special ‘probiotics’ in any shop – they are something you can generate yourself by using the tremendous power of your imagination and your mind. 
One part of my “aura probiotic” formula is gratitude. This is incredibly important especially now when we are living through the pandemic and staying homebound.
Gratitude contains the word ‘attitude’, which should be the default filter through which you look at your life. Gratitude also neutralizes the toxic effects of the negative energies around you. Fortunately, we all have the ability and opportunity to cultivate gratitude. Rather than complaining about your problems and circumstances, take a few moments to focus on all that you have. Try to commit to the state of appreciation and gratitude, so you don’t take the gift of life for granted. You’ll discover that the Universe will rhyme with you by sending more beauty and abundance your way
And finally…really finally …At this particularly challenging time for everyone …please can you give us your thoughts for using this time wisely?
Please use this pause for self-care and for the quiet contemplation. Your inner gear must be adjusted to a slower speed… Try to reflect a bit on YOUR LIFE and to create a mood board as an energy template for your post-epidemy life. Treat now as a point of reset.
With huge gratitude to Alla for sharing her incredible knowledge so generously… Alla sweetly offered me a session shortly after I was violently mugged late last year …without over-sharing, it was very powerful … thank you Alla, I feel blessed to have met you.
Alla’s first book “Energy Secrets” focuses on the comprehensive step-by-step plan for wellbeing. It shares her top techniques for home energy cleansing, 5-week full body detox and the secrets for a powerful energy boost. It was also the first book published in the West about Russian traditional healing methods. The book is translated into 16 languages but only available in the paperback format. 
Alla’s latest book “Own Your Energy” is available in paperback, audio and kindle formats. It was launched simultaneously in the UK, USA, and Australia. 
The book reveals that our energy is as unique to us as our fingerprints and a precious part of our identity. When you disconnect from your authentic alignment you can attract toxic energy and become vulnerable to energy vampires (or become one yourself). But when you own your energy, you can raise your vibration, deflect negativity, and reveal the best version of your life. The book introduces many groundbreaking concepts as “energy ID”, “aura probiotics” and “energy hygiene”.
It demystifies toxic energy, teaches how to disarm it and to reclaim your energy from the people and experiences that sabotage your personal power.
BIO: Alla is a medically trained, fifth-generation energy healer who was coached secretly in Soviet Moscow by her mother. She has acted as a senior consultant to leading spas around the world, including the iconic Chiva-Som in Thailand. Alla is the author of two international bestsellers on wellness, which were translated into 16 languages. Her latest book Own Your Energy went straight to number 1 New Release on Amazon USA. Alla counts numerous celebrity and royal clients among the thousands of people she has helped. www.allasvirinskaya.com

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