Many people always say they want to lose weight, play sports, eat better, manage stress, and spend more time with family. However, in most cases, do not act upon it. Studies have shown that our genes are impacted by our way of life. The way we eat, sleep, move, and socialise keeps the body in a state of vitality or an imbalance with repercussions on our health and wellbeing.

This is why wellness has become an important topic of discussion and why people need to start thinking about and implementing wellness, as it affects all aspects of our lives, both personally and professionally.

Continue reading to find out why this weekend you should be participating in World Wellness Weekend. 

Here at Wakeley mindfulness and both physical and mental wellbeing has been a large part of the brand since its launch nearly 30 years ago. With this passion, we are always looking to educate women on all aspects of health and wellness. This all stems from Amanda Wakeley’s inquisitiveness about matters relating to fitness, beauty, and wellbeing. Which is why she launched Wakeley Wellbeing; an event occurring once a month, dedicated to unearthing and shedding light on various topics regarding women’s health and wellness.

What is World Wellness Weekend? 

People around the world will be taking part in World Wellness Weekend, which runs from the 21st to 22nd September. Started by, Jean-Guy de Gabriacto to encourage business around the world to be open for a weekend of discovery and initiation, dedicated to the sheer joy of living well with loved ones.

Now in its third year, World Wellness Weekend hopes to highlight the importance of wellness and help people adopt healthier lifestyles. Educating them and encouraging them to foster positive relationships with their bodies and mind. That being said, one of the goals of World Wellness Weekend is to remind people that while “Health is a relationship between their body and a doctor”; “Wellness is a responsible relationship between one’s body and oneself.”

Find out more about World Wellness Weekend Here

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