With facials that are considered the best in the world, we were pleased to be joined by the Anne Semonin team to speak at our #WakeleyWellbeing event held in our flagship store in the heart of Mayfair.   

Join us as Maria discusses how to deal with spots, anti-aging creams and notes just how important moisturisers really are…

Can you tell us more about Anne Semonin – who she was and what inspired her to start her skin-care brand? 

Facialist to the stars such as Princess Grace of Monaco and Catherine Denueve and a beauty pioneer of her time, our founder, Anne Semonin was inspired by the fact that every skin is unique and that its needs are determined not only by your skin type. Skin changes daily and its condition is greatly affected by your lifestyle, the environmental conditions you live in and your stress levels. 

What is the Anne Semonin approach and why is this more effective than other skincare approaches?

As a specialist in beauty treatments for the face and body, we enrich beauty therapies with the most effective techniques – lymphatic drainage, cryotherapy, hydrotherapy, body wraps, acupressure – in a complete skincare programme, targeted towards revitalization and radiant beauty. 

What is the secret behind Anne Semonin fomulations?

Anne Semonin worked tirelessly to develop and fine-tune her Signature Energetic Drainage technique which although performed locally on the face has the ability to stimulate the whole body, ensuring instant visible results. The unique combination of such advanced facial techniques together wit the superior Anne Semonin product range has ensured that Anne Semonin facials are still considered the best in the world, 30 years following the inception of the brand. 

You offer a made-to-measure service for skincare – what is this and how do we get the best out of it? 

Anne Semonin products are formulated to work in conjunction with each other in personalised regimes according to the needs of your skin and lifestyle. Ready-to-use serums and Intensive Complexes of essential oils and trace elements are added to creams, masks or exfoliators enriched with plant extracts and marine ingredients or active biotechnology molecules. They act in synergy to protect and repair the skin from the inside thanks to the high concentration in active ingredients. 

Want to know more on Anne Semonin? Visit the website here

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